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One of the greatest challenges in IT security is the asymmetric advantage held by attackers - the bad guys.  They can strike anywhere at any time and we must defend everywhere, all the time.  This translates into large, expensive IT security teams needed to counter even unsophisticated threats.  It is not surprising that most IT security teams feel overwhelmed and under resourced.

Cyberwatchman overcomes the asymmetric advantage held by cyber actors by working smarter.  We know how different actors work and what they are looking for.  We strategically place simulations of services that bad guys are looking for inside your network.  When cyber actors interact with these simulated services our Cyberwatchman analysts are alerted. They then investigate and report their findings to you.  This approach to finding malicious cyber actors means our customers only pay for specialist skills when they need it.  

Without Cyberwatchman
With Cyberwatchman

Working Smarter



Our decoy sensors are designed to be low cost, low power and reliable so you can distribute them throughout your network.  This gives you coverage of difficult to monitor locations and flexibility in the type of simulated services.  For example you could simulate Point Of Sale (POS) devices in your retail stores to identify cyber criminals or malicious insiders.  You could deploy a human resources web site at your head office, or a confidential 'research & development' server in the engineering department.  Cyberwatchman can customise decoy simulations to suit your needs; even simulating critical medical or SCADA equipment if required.  Decoy sensors can be deployed on your own hardware, virtualised in the cloud or using our own low-cost sensor solution.






Cyberwatchman offers experienced incident responders to assist your IT security team.  We can provide simple guidance during complex investigations or full on-site IR as required.


If you have an established IR team Cyberwatchman can supplement their skills with malware analysis expertise or remediation advice when working  against sophisticated actors.